Dakota Johnson Had To Superglue A Thong On While Filming Fifty Shades Sex Scenes

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Dakota Johnson is best known for her role as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey film series, where she starred alongside Jamie Dornan as the enigmatic Christian Grey. While the films were known for their racy and steamy sex scenes, many fans were surprised to learn that Johnson had to resort to some unconventional methods to keep her lingerie in place during filming.

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The revelation came during an interview with Johnson on a popular talk show, where she opened up about the challenges of filming such intimate scenes. According to Johnson, one of the most memorable moments on set involved having to superglue a thong on to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

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The Challenges of Filming Intimate Scenes

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Filming intimate scenes for a major motion picture is no easy task, and actors often have to deal with a variety of challenges to ensure that everything goes smoothly. For Johnson, one of the biggest challenges was making sure that her lingerie stayed in place during the steamy sex scenes.

In the interview, Johnson revealed that the thong she was required to wear for the scenes kept riding up and becoming a distraction. Frustrated with the constant adjustments, she and the wardrobe team came up with the idea to use superglue to keep the thong in place.

The Unconventional Solution

While supergluing a thong on may seem extreme, it's not entirely unheard of in the world of film and television. Wardrobe malfunctions can be a major headache on set, and actors and wardrobe teams often have to get creative to ensure that everything stays in place.

In Johnson's case, the superglue solution worked like a charm, and she was able to film the scenes without any further issues. However, she did admit that it was a rather uncomfortable experience and not something she would recommend to others.

The Reality of Filming Sex Scenes

While the Fifty Shades films may have portrayed a glamorous and romanticized version of intimate relationships, the reality of filming sex scenes is far from glamorous. Actors often have to deal with awkward and uncomfortable moments, and it's not uncommon for them to resort to unconventional methods to make things work.

In Johnson's case, supergluing a thong on was just one of the many challenges she faced while filming the Fifty Shades series. However, her willingness to share this behind-the-scenes moment with her fans has only endeared her to them even more.

The Importance of Openness and Transparency

Johnson's candid revelation about having to superglue a thong on while filming sex scenes is a reminder of the importance of openness and transparency in the entertainment industry. It's easy to forget that the glamorous world of Hollywood is not always as perfect as it seems, and actors are often faced with difficult and uncomfortable situations.

By sharing her experience, Johnson has helped to humanize the process of filming intimate scenes and shed light on the challenges that actors face. Her honesty and openness have not only made her more relatable to her fans, but also sparked a much-needed conversation about the realities of working in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Dakota Johnson's revelation about having to superglue a thong on while filming Fifty Shades sex scenes may have come as a surprise to many, but it's a reminder that the reality of filming intimate scenes is far from glamorous. Her openness and transparency have helped to humanize the process and spark an important conversation about the challenges that actors face.